Special card payout in the online Pokdeng game

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Pokdeng online Let’s understand how to play Let’s say it is A card game that requires investment to play. It gives us the most money and it’s easy to play. The rules are not difficult This kind of card has a good point.

  1. Three cards, payout rate 5 times
  2. Sorted cards, payout rate 3 times.
  3. Master card, payout rate 3 times
  4. Double card, payout 2 times
  5. Double bounce, payout 2 times
  6. 3 cards of the same suit, payout rate 3 times

card counting method 

– A card, whether it is club flower, spade flower, red heart flower, heart flower or any flower There will be a value of only 1 point. 

– Cards with face numbers 2 – 10 in every suit will have the same value as that number, for example, card number 4 is worth 4 points or card number 6 is worth 6 points. 

– cards with face symbols English is in front. Every hand is worth 10 points, which are J, Q and K. 

For the most part, the win-lose measure is played by playing poker in which the player will measure the score with the dealer. which can be divided into 2 cases: 

In case the dealer wins and get poker

– If the player has a card lower than the dealer’s card or not playing Pokdeng poker, in this case, the player will be the loser. and must pay all bets.

– The player has a card point equal to the banker’s card, it is called a collision or a draw card, in which case no one has to pay money, it is considered a draw 

– If the player has more card points dealer’s card or get poker cards. In this case, the player will be the winner. You are deemed to have won the bet on the said game. Ready to receive prize money from the dealer according to the payout rate of that card 

In the event that the dealer does not play poker cards

When all the players in the room Let’s open and draw the 3rd card. Or have not called more cards. and see that The dealer does not ask to draw more cards. You can show the cards to measure points immediately 

  • If the Player has a higher total than the Banker, it means that the Player wins the bet. and receive money promptly
  • If the player has the sum of the card points That which is tied with the dealer’s card is called a tie game. No one received the prize money. or lose money bet
  • If the player’s total is lower than the dealer’s, the game is considered. The player is the loser. and must pay the bet to the dealer

believe that basic knowledge and understanding for playing bounce that. We bring Will be able to benefit all gamblers with a passion for the game of bounce popular card game charming With being a game that is easy to play, requires little investment, but makes a profit that is worthwhile. 

Let me tell you that this game of Pok Deng or Pok Deng online. Many Thai people already know Pokdeng each other because it is a traditional game of Thailand that everyone can play, whether old or young. There are often skits like this. If they are children, teenagers may measure cards, drink alcohol, socialize, have fun, have fun, party, and old people play through time to cure boredom. ทางเข้า UFABET