Klopp talks about Nuñez’s timing.

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Jurgen Klopp talks about Darwin Nuñez, who spilled the beans on a golden opportunity to put Liverpool ahead in a game. Where the Reds had to chase and equalize with Luton in the 90th + 5th minute of injury time.

“He (Nunez) was offside once or twice. The ball that Mo (Salah) headed I think Mo probably intended to score. That’s a big opportunity as well. But this is the moment. Unfortunately, we have other moments.”

“He was very involved in everything, so that’s OK, it wasn’t a dream result. But we are mature enough to always accept it.” ทางเข้า UFABET

When asked about his yellow card, Klopp said: “I was surprised by the yellow card. I deserve many yellow cards in my life. But with this one, I don’t know why.”

“Credit to Luton and the way they defended and set up the game, but it was mainly up to us. We have many opportunities and there should be more.”

“It is a difficult task to fully concentrate. When looking at the game I don’t think we should have gotten more than one point. We should have won the game with the chances we had. But now when looking at it I think we deserved one point.”