“Dyche” reveals to the team that the Toffees can’t win the away game

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Burnley manager Sean Dyche has revealed he has told his players. That rivals Everton don’t know how to win, especially in the away game

. Slash won the team to try to escape relegation together. The “Blue Taffy” 3-2 gave them a boost to 24 points, just one point behind their 17th-placed opponents.

Dyche told ufabet Sports: “I’ve been down there, I know what it’s like and every season there have been tough patches for us. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes you sense that a team might have lost how to win a game. I said to them at half time ‘I’m not sure these know how to win a game, away from home particularly’.

. I’ve been down there and I know what it’s like. Every season there will be tough times for us,” Dyche said after the game.

“It’s hard to explain but sometimes you’ll feel that there are teams that forget how to win games. At halftime I told the players, ‘I’m not sure these guys know how to win games’ especially away from home.

“I said ‘we have to play with this mentality. We have to play forward with better quality.’ It’s not a commendable game but it’s good enough for us to score three goals. I’m very pleased with it.