Agent scolding ‘Barca’, not talking, only threatening Dembele

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Drama to be enjoyed every day when Ousmas Dembele ‘s agent, the late winger of Barcelona The club threw pressure on the players in charge. After the line to determine the future within 48 hours.

it is Ufabet reported that the French national team wing. Trying to make a wacky request of over 80 million euros during negotiations for a new contract, before the “alien” gave him 48 hours to sign a lower wage or move on.

Of course, Barca would not agree. Paid huge wages for this player. There are also rumors that he may not be able to play until the end of his contract in the summer.

Moussa Sissoko thinks the actions of the top team at Camp Nou will cause them to lose players over time. “They put the pressure on. But it doesn’t work for people like us

. But to me it’s not at all. I am here to protect the interests of the players in charge.”

“We’re not here to fight each other through social media. But the truth has to be said, yes, we need a lot. But we have already shown that Usmas’ choice It does not depend on money matters. Otherwise he probably wouldn’t be here because Manchester United and Real Madrid gave them more expensive offers than back in 2017

. They can come and spread the table and discuss with us.”

“Unless there’s no discussion. Plus there are only threats coming from their side that the players won’t get on the pitch.”

“It shouldn’t be like that. We will act according to Ousmas Dembele’s right if the need arises

. Nothing has been decided at this time. But this sort of arrangement is losing Usman.

” from the start We made it clear that we wanted to negotiate. with various conditions without blocking anything.”