What is a blood test?

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What is a blood test?

Blood test is an important step for doctors in diagnosing disease because blood is an important medium for carrying water, nutrients, germs, toxins, and various foreign substances that enter the body. Blood testing is therefore the most accurate and fastest way to detect contaminants entering the body.

A blood test is a step. That สมัคร ufabet important step used for medical diagnosis because blood is the medium that carries nutrients, water, germs, toxins, or various foreign substances. that the body receives leads to the body, is one way that can check Find various contaminants or viruses that have entered the body as accurately and quickly as possible.

What are the benefits of a blood test?

Blood tests are a means of diagnosing certain diseases. That cannot be analyzed by taking a medical history Including being able to help diagnose diseases. That have similar characteristics, such as pancreatic disease and food poisoning. gastritis, etc.

Blood tests can use to analyze treatment approaches for diseases more accurately. Measuring the level of drugs in the blood to control them to an appropriate level, controlling food intake using blood sugar data, etc.

In the case of some patients who do not show any abnormal symptoms of the disease, blood tests can analyze hidden diseases, such as early stages of AIDS and other diseases that do not show symptoms in the early stages.

Blood test procedure What is it like?

In the blood test process, there are steps to follow:

  1. Get a consultation with a doctor to give advice Take history and analyze treatment guidelines and blood tests correctly.
  2. Prepare before. You should abstain from water, food, and various medicines for at least 8 hours because they may affect results.
  3. The relevant staff or doctor will draw blood at the crook of the arm. which is a blood vessel
  4. The staff will take the blood that has brought into the lab machine. Analyze various values and summarized The doctor reports the results. To use in further treatment or giving other advice.

Is it necessary to have a blood test?

Blood testing is consider one of the most important and necessary things. In health care Especially the to find contagious diseases genetic disease. That can inherited from heirs, such as AIDS, syphilis, diabetes, obesity, etc.